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Sunday, February 21, 2010

That's very curious-

I discovered today that my Taurus 1911 will not feed 165 grain hollow point ammunition at all! I don't remember the brand but it's ammo I have used in my last 45 without problem. But today I loaded 8 of them into both a stock Taurus magazine and then a Chip McCormack mag and neither one of them would feed the first round into the chamber. In every case the cartridge just rammed straight forward and hung up on the feed ramp no matter what manner of releasing the slide I tried.

I never thought that might happen with the ramped frame in that gun!

What it means is two things: 1, I need to get to the gun store and pick up a couple other brands of self defense hollowpoints and shoot them through this gun and, 2, I'll keep carrying my PF-9 until I get it sorted out.

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